Friday, 2 December 2016

24th Nov 2016: 25th Anniversary Celebration to Chatsworth
In recognition of Chelford Guild's 25th Anniversary, 40 members joined the trip to Chatsworth, not just for the Christmas markets & tour of the house & its famed festive light display, but a lovely celebratory lunch. The house provided inspiration for next years Capability Brown exhibition but funniest of all was the fact we went all that way & most of us bought ribbon! You can't take ribbon out of a stitcher. Happy Birthday to us & to the next 25 years.

17th Nov: Alysn Midgelow- Marsden: Workshop
Our day workshop comprised creating embellished surfaces leading to the creation of 'petals' to make 'baubles' or similar. There is a bit more to the process than you might think, but delighted to report some of us have actually finished a piece of work &/or took the opportunity to use up 'those bits in the bottom drawer' to create the petals.

16 Nov 2016: Alysn Midgelow- Marsden: Talk & Workshop
Re-known textile artist Alysn joined us whilst on her annual return back to the UK from her new home in New Zealand.She enlightened us on her new native environment and some of the sculptural work she has been working on- the positives and drawbacks, together with showing us exhibits of her most recognised work.