Thursday, 16 May 2013

15 May - Maralyn Hepworth

Joining us from Shropshire,  tapestry weaver Maralyn has a keen emphasis on sustainability through a variety of her interests . Shropshire's rich industrial heritage has fuelled her passion for flax & linen & she gave us a fascinating insight in to how the cloth is created from seed to finished material. From her research into buying the actual seed through to growing the fibrous plant in the garden & via friends,she talked us through the various processes including our own  experiment demonstrating the fibre from a dried plant. It was also interesting to learn some of the phrases the industry used, which still have a meaning today- albeit an alternative one! eg 'toe-rag', 'hackling'.

Through her 'Flax to Fabric' project Maralyn is working tirelessly to see the Ditherington Flaxmill & Maltings in Shrewsbury re-opened in the future, for the benefit of the nations industrial heritage.



17th April - Marilyn Pipe

Marilyn gave us an interesting & amusing talk about she developed her talent & passion for textiles which have taken her around the country through to recent workshops in Egypt. From innovative early jobs, she spent 11 years at the wonderful Rainbow Silks, combining this with the exhibition circuit leading to current teaching posts including Denman College. With a diverse list of textile interests she calls herself a 'textile junkie' & she demonstrated some of her current works. Would you believe what you can achieve from a cooling rack!