Sunday, 23 January 2011

Carol Mowl - Knowing your Onions

Carol Mowl from Beetlefelt

We were very grateful to Carol Mowl from Beetlefelt who came to our January 2011 meeting in place of our advertised speaker who unfortunately was unable to come.
Carol runs 'Beetlefelt' which is based in Chorlton, Manchester and we were all fascinated by her passion and knowledge of dyeing using natural materials. If you, like me, thought that natural dyes meant sludgy brown colours then you will be surprised at the wide range of (bright) colours that can be achieved using materials as ordinary as onion skins and rusty nails.
Carol's approach to natural dyeing (boil everything for a hour) really appealed to me as I am not scientific by nature. I loved the way she is happy to experiment, although I must say I would draw the line as using my husband's urine as a mordant - however good the colour might turn out- but we must all make sacrifices for our art.