Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Annette Emms Workshop October 2012

After a dreamy night a group of Chelford ladies returned for Annette's workshop to try & recreate those irresistible boots and by looking at these images of the day I suspect those fairies & pixies may come calling soon! Who now says they don't believe?

Annette Emms- October 2012

Exquisite, absorbing, magical, delightful just some of the many superlatives which covered Annette Emms talk 'Hidden Paths & Legends' . She told us how the world of fairies, pixies & moonbeams began & how these translated into her beautiful work of books & the creation of the famous pixie boots.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Next Young Embroiderers 23 October 2012
Tuesday 23 October 10.30-2.30pm
£8 per child
A craft session for boys & girls aged 8 years and upwards
Don't forget to bring a packed lunch