Thursday, 28 April 2016

20th April: Pauline Barnes: 'Designing for Stitch'
Pauline's passion is as a patchworker & she encouraged us to be brave and try lots of new techniques to develop in our work. Look at shapes & colours, cut them up & try again!Think about balance, space etc. From her inspiration of Myan cities in central america, to the rainforest , her love of Venice to even 'doodling' on the telephone can lead to all sorts of  intriguing shapes for stitch.

16 March Armelle Hatch- 'Small Things'
Armelle used her french upbringing & style as inspiration for her work as well as nature. She developed an abstract pleat to lovely effect & we really liked her 'bobbin'. Her display culminated with her array of hat pins many of which she developed and combined to good effect with her french family history. Armelle is also a member of Textile 21.