Saturday, 13 November 2010

"Coming up Roses'

The Young Embroiderers are continuing with the theme of flowers and are working together to create a floral wall hanging using many different techniques. At this meeting we made a selection of flowers from suffolk puffs, gathering and layering techniques. We also made some with faces!. The idea is that we will continue this theme for the next couple of meetings and that the hanging we make will be exhibited and them donated to a worthy cause. If any 'grown up' members have any flower making techniques they would like to share with us please let Maria Walker know as you are welcome to come along to out next meeting on the 15th Feb 2011

Maggie Smith - October 2010

Maggie Smith treated us to an interesting and informative talk entitled' Still Life as an Inspiration for Embroidery". Maggie is a very talented textile artist and experienced tutor and all learned a lot from it and felt very inspired.
Maggie , of 'Get plastered fame' has a couple of websites where you can see more of her work, namely Stitch and Print and Haversham Dolls which showcases her new body of work, art dolls.