Thursday, 17 March 2011

Amy Senogles March 2011

Amy Senogles' work is based on the premise that fashion should be sustainable and made to last rather than have the built-in obsolescence of much of today's high street fashion. She graduated from a BA in Embroidery at Manchester School of Art in 2008. She has used recycled textiles and embroidery to create a series of pattern shaped panels which show how they could be used in garment design. Everyone found Amy's work and philosophy very inspirational.

More Stitched postcards from March workshop

Here are some more examples of the Ecuador postcards that were made on the postcard workshop. We are lucky to have been given Ecuador as the flag is very visual and colourful and is the source of lots of inspiration.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Stitched postcards workshop March 2011

On saturday we held a workshop for members and for the first time we invited along the young embroiderers as unfortunately we had had to cancel their february meeting.
The focus of the workshop was to the stitched postcards which all branches are making for 2012. Our allocated country is Ecuador and we all found loads of inspiration in their flag and country.
The workshop was run by three of the members, Angela, Carol and Maria, who each set up stall to demonstrate a different technique. Participants could chose if they wanted to have a go at silk painting, needle-felting and applique.

Alison Bramley 'Frazzled and Dazzled'

Alison Bramley came to talk to us in February 2011 and brought lots of her wonderful quilts with her. She explained that she calls her talk frazzled and dazzled and she hopes we will be dazzled by her quilts and she feels frazzled after making them.
And we were all dazzled by her quilts, not just because of their jewel-like brilliant colours but also because of the sheer quantity and size of them and the fact that they must have taken hours to make. Her talk was a real inspiration and she ran a workshop for members the following day.