Thursday, 19 March 2009

Lydia Solomon Coral Reef Embroideries

For our March meeting Lydia Solomon can to talk to us about her 'coral reef embroideries'. Although reluctant at first, she developed a passion for diving and uses underwater photography and an underwater-sketchpad to capture images. By using a variety of media, embroidery and lots of ingenuity she has created a series of extremely realistic three-dimensional embroideries.

In fact they are so realistic that when she exhibited them at the diving show at the NEC people shunned her at first as they thought she had used actual pieces of coral from the reefs. It was only when she put up signs saying that they were made out of fabric etc that people in the diving fraternity came to talk to her.!!

Lydia has an exhibition at Cromford Mill Gallery fron the 12th to the 16th April 09

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Local Life November 2008

Chelford got at bit of publicity when the photographer from Local Life came to our sept AGM and took some photographs. The article appeared in the November edition and shows our wonderful table frontal as well as our beautiful commitee members!!

Young Embroiderer's

Our Young Embroiderer's Groups meets most school holidays. We meet arrange one off all- day workshops where the young people ( boys and girls) can use their creative talents to produce a work of art. In this workshop we transfered images onto fabric which were then stitched into and streatched over canvas.
In this workshop we made mixed media collages using leaves. The results were stunning

Nikki Parmenter

For the November 2008 meeting we were treated to a visual feast by local textile artist, Nikki Parmenter. Nikki's work arrived wrapped up as it had recently been exhibited at Salford Art Gallery. As she unwrapped the pieces we gasped in amazement at the rich texture, jewel-like colours and sheer scale of some of the pieces.

Her work is inspired by the jewel-like colours of India and each of her pieces is backed up a detailed research on the subject so is educational as well as decorative. As well as producing all this gorgeous work Nikki also teaches art at a North West School- we all wondered were she found the time!!!