Sunday, 14 June 2015

Member News
We always like to report on news/ success by our members, so pleased to report that Jill Brown has had her New York stitched photo/image printed in Cutting Edge Magazine run by Heart Educational Supplies, who also do the photo paper many of our members purchased following Jill's example.
She also receives £100 in vouchers, so I suspect that is more threads & paper for her to print her maps & photos on to. The Guild also got a mention on the front page too! 
See the full article/ copy the link:

20th May 2015- Shelley Rhodes- Concept to Completion

We have had a very big turnout for Shelley's talk where she described her work on worn surfaces by deconstructing the original surface with the inspiration of words around the specific subject. Once pieces are deconstructed the art is to re-construct whether it be fabric, photos, paper or wire, the fun are the bits that are left behind.
The following day a few of us enjoyed the workshop & you would be amazed by what texture & surfaces you could create with items like saws, chisels, sandpaper  et al