Friday, 23 November 2012

Rob Wilson- November 2012

 As part of our 21st birthday celebration, we were thrilled to be joined by Whaley Bridge based artist Rob Wilson for a true masterclass of his mixed media work. Rarely do we see an artist create & virtually complete a piece of work within the meeting time. The speed at which Rob worked was phenominal (this was his norm!). From the initial pencil to canvas, adding paint, through to the addition of print & paper to create more layers & texture. Then just as he was about to add the final phase of stitch he proceeded to cut up the canvas into manageable pieces- can you imagine our horror!!!!

However we need not have worried as his final compositions of the urban landscape are truly amazing. My inspirational phrase of the evening was ' Don't be precious, just let go'



Happy 21st Birthday- November 2012

From humble beginnings in a barn, Chelford Embroiderers Guild has grown in to an active & thriving throng of stitchers.It was also a pleasure to see some of our founding members at our anniversary meeting on the 21st November as well as a good membership turnout, 21 years exactly to the actual date.
Happy Birthday to us!