Friday, 26 August 2011

Workshop with Fiona Wilson

 Fiona Wilson's workshop in July was all to do with experimenting and trying out new ways of stitching using your machine.  Before we did any stitching we 'loosened ourselves up' with some experimental drawing which is a good technique to use before you start a new project. Fiona introduced us to some of the techniques she uses , such as drawing with a pen fastened onto a 3ft stick and drawing without looking at the object.
 Although our drawings were very experimental, when they were cut up into small squares they were a great resource to use for our experimental stitching.
Fiona also introduced us to a Embellishing machine, which again she uses in a very experimental way. often using it on paper.
The outcome of the day's experimenting was a selection of samples which can be used a reference or as the basis for more work.

Fiona's method of using experimental drawing as a basis for stitch definitely allows her to come up with some unique and exciting work. I think I will start to experiment more with drawing before I start a new piece of work.

Young Embroiderers August 2011

Our August meeting was attended by a select group of members who had a really good time printing. They brought a book with them and made a cover for it. They printed onto fabric using acrylic paints and they also made their own printing blocks to fit in with the subject of their book. We also had a go at making our own cords using door handles and a lot of twisting.